Work - Leading to more Options

Work Placements Leading to Settlement

Qualified professionals in the field of Healthcare, Designs, IT & Computing, Accounting and other sectors within UK are welcome. 

If you are interested in any of the placement options and meet the eligibility criteria kindly send your Updated CV with photograph and contact details along with Educational Transcripts and Certificates and Copy of Passport for a free assessment.

Documents required for Admission:

  • Current & Updated CV
  • Educational Transcripts and Certificates: Copy of Educational Documents from Year 10 to the highest qualification with Transcript and Certificate
  • IELTS Score Card (General Test)
  • Copy of Passport and any Visas (if any)
  • Filled & Signed GDPR Form (Download GDPR Word-File or GDPR PDF-File)

Note: Please click on the PDF or the Word format link to download the relevant file and retun with all the above listed documents for the processing of the placement process.

Careers in Healthcare

Careers in Designing

Careers in Social Works

Careers in IT & Computing

Careers in Accounting